Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a fee to participate in this trial?

There is no cost to participate in the clinical trial.

2. Is colchicine dangerous? Are there any side effects?

Colchicine is an inexpensive, yet efficient, anti-inflammatory drug that is approved for patients with gout, viral pericarditis and Familial Mediterranean Fever. It is a known and secure medication. It can cause minor side effects, the most frequently observed being nausea (2%) and abdominal pain (3%).

3. Why half of the participants get a placebo and are not treated with the Colchicine?

The research protocol that has been approved by Health Canada includes double-blind randomization, that is, it must include a group receiving the medication and a group receiving a placebo without knowing who is receiving which treatment to determine whether the drug is effective in treating COVID-19.

4. If the study results are successful, will the colchicine be expensive to buy and produce?

The cost of colchicine depends on the manufacturer and the country. In Canada, it is less than 1 dollar per pill.

5. What if the difference between the colchicine and the chloroquine?

Colchicine and chloroquine are two entirely different drugs. Colchicine inhibits cellular microtubules and possesses anti-inflammatory properties whereas chloroquine is an antimalarial drug that is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

6. If I’m selected, will I have a dedicated contact I can call at any time?

Yes. The call centre has trained professionals available at any time to answer participants’ questions.

7. What if my health condition severely deteriorates during the trial?

At any time during the clinical trial, you will have access to a health care professional that will be able to answer your questions and determine the best options based on your condition.

8. When will I know if I was administrated with the colchicine or the placebo?

Once the clinical trial will be completed, participants will be able to know if they were given the medication of the placebo.

9. Will my personal details be mentioned in the study communications to the public?

No. All the participants’ personal information stays confidential at all times.